Booking and Rate Policies

1. Guests need to sign a rental agreement and pay in full for the vacation

property prior to checking in.

2. An advanced lodging reservation deposit equal to the cost of 1-night’s stay,

plus tax, and the cleaning fee is required to reserve all vacation homes.

3. Rates and fees are all quoted in U.S funds. A WA State sales tax of 8.5% in

addition to a WA State Lodging tax of 2% will be collected with the total amount

due. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice. However, the rate of

a booked reservation will always be honored.

4. The balance in full is due and will be charged 30-days prior to guest(s)

scheduled date of arrival.

5. Renters are required to give a valid credit card # as a damage deposit for any

infractions discussed in the rental agreement.

6. The guest/cardholder is responsible for giving the accurate number of guests

that will be staying in the home. In addition, the guest/cardholder is responsible

for staying within the vacation homes maximum capacities. (This is strictly

enforced and punishable by an early eviction without refund).

7. The guest(s)/Cardholder(s) must be a minimum of 25 years old.

8. Management reserves the right to cancel any reservation; which would result

in a full refund to the guest/cardholder.

9. There is a two to five -night minimum stay, with a three to four-night minimum

on holiday/special event bookings. Changes to the minimum night stays can be

arranged, in certain situations, with Luxury Getaways over the phone.

10. Reservations booked December 15th through January 4th must be paid in full

at the time of booking. No cancellation monies will be refunded after November

15th unless the property is re-rented.

11. One night stays are available if a vacation property has no reservations four

days prior to the sought after date. One-night rentals can only be booked over

the phone, at a rate disclosed by management.

12. Each reservation has a one time only cleaning fee that will be charged prior

to the guest’s reservation.

Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellations must be made before 30 days prior to the scheduled

booking for the deposit to be refunded, minus a $100.00 processing fee. Any

cancellations made within 30 days of scheduled check-in will be forfeited, unless

the property can be re- rented; in which case the full amount would be refunded

minus a $100.00 cancellation fee.

Arrival/Departure Policies


early check-ins. Guests will receive a rental package with house keys as well as

any special instructions. Before check-out, the guests/cardholder(s) are

responsible to complete the attached list of housekeeping measures. Any

vacation property left unduly cleaned will result in a $40.00 per hour cleaning

charge with a one-hour minimum service charge. Guests are required to leave

the vacation property by 11:00am on the date of departure. Any guests who do

not leave the vacation property by 11:00 am will result in the charge of one nights

stay on the cardholder’s credit card.

Security and Damage Policies

1. Pets are only allowed at specific “pet friendly” properties with a maximum of

two pets per night per booking, and must be reported to management at the time

of booking. There is a $20 per pet, per night fee the guest/cardholder is

responsible for. Failing to disclose the accompaniment of pets will result in a fee

totaling the amount of one nights stay. Pets brought into homes not advertised as

“pet friendly” will be charged a minimum of $500 for cleaning and restoring the

home to a low allergen environment. Any damage caused by pets, will incur

charges for repair or re-placement of vacation rental structures or furnishings to

guests credit card.

2. The fireplace is the primary source of heat in the home. To turn the fireplace

on, use the thermostat on the wall. Please do not use any controls on the

fireplace to adjust the heat, only use the thermostat located on the wall.

Upon check out, turn all thermostats to 55.

3. The hot tubs are provided for your enjoyment. Please no glass in the hot tub.

Each chalet has plastic glassware provided for you to use. No Soap in the Hot

Tub! Putting soap or other foreign substances into the hot tub will require it to be

drained, cleaned, and refilled at the guest’s expense. Guests must shower prior

to using the hot tub. Not doing so will cause the chemicals to not work correctly

and the hot tub will have to be drained at the guest’s expense. The Bromine float

must not be taken out of the hot tub, even when using the hot tub. If the

bromine smell is strong, open the hot tub lid, turn the jets on and let it air out for

5-10 minutes before getting in.  If the hot tub requires draining and cleaning, due to the bromine

being pulled out of the tub, organic material in the tub (food, alcohol,

debris, body fluids), broken glass and beer tops being left in the bottom, dish

soap (bubbles), guests not showering prior to entering the hot tub, or any other

manner not typical to the regular use of a hot tub, we will charge the credit card

on file $350.

4. Smoking is not allowed within any vacation rental property. Guests may smoke

outside of the properties, but they are responsible for disposing of any

cigarette/cigar related remnants in the proper provided receptacles. Any

cigarette/cigar related remnants left on the ground might incur extra cleaning fees.

5. Please do not re-arrange the furniture or move furniture, electronics, or any

other appliances/furnishings around the house. All damages done to vacation

property including, but not limited to furnishing, appliances, structures, or

surrounding areas or the removal of any property, will result in the cardholder

being held responsible. The credit card will be charge for the full cost of fixing or

replacing any damaged or missing items.

Housekeeping Requirements

1. Strip all beds of sheets and pillowcases and place them in front of the washing

machine with other used towels and linens.

2. Start a load of laundry: Please start towels first. You have been provided with

one set of towels per guest. Please wash them throughout your stay as they

mildew and the spa chemicals will leave an unpleasant odor.

3. All dirty dishes must be rinsed and placed in dishwasher, and the dishwasher

must be started. Clean dishes must be put in the location in which they were


4. Make sure the hot tub cover cable is locked and secure. Please return the key

to its original location.

5. All doors and windows need to be closed and locked.

6. Unplug toasters, coffee makers, can openers, blenders.

7. Turn off all inside lights.

8. Reset each thermostat to 55 degrees

9. Take the garbage outside and place it in the two garbage receptacles provided.



Any keys not left in the specified location, will cause the cardholder to be charged up to a $150.00 fee for

cards/keys that are lost or not returned.

Recreational Equipment Policies

1. Skis, snowboards, sleds or other related recreational equipment is the

responsibility of the guests/cardholders. Please do not store any recreational

equipment on the hardwood floors as the melting snow and wet equipment will

destroy the floors.

2. Damages caused by equipment will incur charges for repair or re-placement of

vacation rental structures or furnishings to guests/cardholders credit card. Such

damages could be in the form of scratches/dents in floors or walls, water damage

upon floors or furnishings, etc.

Use at your own Risk:

1. Homeowners will not be held responsible for guest’s personal property.

2. All of the vacation properties are privately owned; the owners are not

responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the

premises or its facilities. The guests use the premises and or their facilities at

their own risk.

3. The following problems will not be cause for a refund of any rental money:

a. Problematic road/weather conditions

b. Break down of DVD players, hot tubs, or other recreational equipment

c. Power outages

d. Construction work in the area

By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are assuming the risk of

any harm arising from their use of the premises or other who they invite to use

the premise.

Pet Policy

1. Guest will pay an additional pet fee in the amount of $__25.00__ per night per


2. All pets must comply with the following specifications (documentation from an

accredited veterinarian must be provided, by Guest, upon request):

a. A maximum of two (2) domesticated pets allowed.

b. May not exceed fifty (50) lbs

c. Must be at least one (1) year of age or older.

d. Must be spayed or neutered

e. Must be up-to-date on rabies vaccinations and all other vaccinations

Heartworm preventive is highly recommended.

3. Pets shall NOT be left unattended at any vacation property at any time for any

purpose, whatsoever. Pets cannot be left in the Chalet while you are at the Ski

Area. This includes yards and garages (if applicable).

4. Guest is responsible for cleaning up any/all pet refuse. Please prepare for your

stay, by bringing a scoop and sealable bag or other container, as appropriate.

5. Pets are not allowed on furniture at any time; including couches, beds, and

tables. Any evidence of pets on furniture may incur extra cleaning fees.

6. Pet will not damage premises. If damages are caused, the cost of the damage

will be charged to the credit card on file, regardless of which guest the pet

belongs to.

7. Guest should prevent pets from producing excessive noise or continuous

barking at a level that disturbs neighbors.

8. All Guests agree to adhere to community rules and regulations and county

ordinances regarding leash laws, sanitation, and loud noise disturbances. Any

fires or violations from the community association will be charge to the credit card

on file.

Depending upon the severity of the case, Guests and their invitees are subject to immediate eviction with complete forfeiture of any and all monies paid.