How far away is the Mt. Baker Ski Area?

Many of our houses are located in the Gated Communities that border the National Forest.  From these communities it is a 20-25 minute drive to the ski area, depending on weather and driving conditions.  Properties located on Silver Lake, would be 30-35 minutes away.

Do your properties have wifi?

Short answer is Yes, every property has wifi.  Long answer is, we are located deep in the mountains and wifi cannot be relied on.  We always do our best and make sure it is working before each check in, but with winds, snow, yedis, and other variables it may not be fast or available.

If it is not working, do I get a refund for my stay?

Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds for slow or no wifi.  On the plus side, it works most of the time and we have very few instances that it is a problem.